REVIEW: Krum Bums – Cut the Noose

Krum Bums – Cut the Noose

CD/LP/digital download 2011 People Like You Records

The KRUM BUMS were formed in early 2000 by lead singer Dave Tejas and guitarist Trae Martinez in Austin, Texas. “Cut the Noose” is the bands label debut for People Like You Records.

The Krum Bums (formerly on TKO records) are one of the latest additions to the People Like You Records roster and are in my opinion one of the lesser bands on their roster. ‘Cut The Noose’ is a record that certainly will appeal to the fans of raw streetpunk and punkrock bands like the Unseen, The Casualties, … with a pinch of Far From Finished but they need more to convince me.

Track list:

1. Population Control 3:20

2. Action City 2:13

3. Poison Myself 1:28

4. Gasoline 2:42

5. Hit and Run 2:46

6. Last To Go 2:40

7. Starving Wolves 3:07

8. Gallows 2:04

9. Cut The Noose 1:47

10. (Get Away) 1:08

11. Injection 2:41

12. Gone Forever 2:15

13. High Highs, Low Lows 3:07

14. Blast The Walls 1:27*

*(Track 14 CD/LP Bonus track)

If you want to check out the Krum Bums and the rest of the People Like You Records roster you can also pick up their new label compilation album ‘The Dirty Home Of Riot Rock’n’Roll’. A nice compilation that gives you a pretty good inside in this German Label.


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