REVIEW: Skarhead – Dreams don’t Die

Skarhead – Dreams don’t Die

CD 2011 I Scream Records

Dreams don’t Die is Skarhead’s tribute to Lord Ezec’s favourite bands from the unforgettable era between 1986 and 1989 with guest appearances by Eddie Sutton (Leeway), Paul Bearer (Sheer Terror), Mad Joe (Wisdom In Chains), Scott (Terror) and many more.

What you get is quite a dull ode to the NY scene because the choice of bands and tracks is very cliché: Sick Of It All, Cro-Mags, Bad Brains, Youth Of Today (Break down the walls), Warzone (As One). Nevertheless there are also some nice songs covered, for example the Prince song ‘When you Were Mine’ in the Cyndi Lauper Version featuring Paul Bearer.

A nice album for the fans of Skarhead and NYHC in general but not a big gain to your Hardcore music collection.


  1. The Hard Way (originally by OUTBURST) (feat. Scott Vogel)
  2. Backtrack (originally by KILLING TIME) (feat. Mad Joe)
  3. As One (originally by WARZONE)
  4. Trueblue (originally by UNDERDOG) (feat. Jimmy Williams & Stress The Whiteboy)
  5. Pete’s Sake (originally by SICK OF IT ALL) (feat. Bundy Blunts)
  6. Malfunction (originally by CRO-MAGS) (feat. Eddie Sutton)
  7. Sit Home And Rot (originally by MURPHY’S LAW) (feat. Stress The Whiteboy)
  8. United Forces (originally by S.O.D.) (feat. Adlib)
  9. Stand For (originally by LEEWAY) (feat. Eye-Ra-Haze)
  10. Cup O Joe (originally by SHEER TERROR)
  11. Break Down The Walls (originally by YOUTH OF TODAY) feat. Ivan Murillo)
  12. Soulcraft (originally BY BAD BRAINS) (feat. Eddie Sutton)
  13. With Time (originally by AGNOSTIC FRONT)
  14. When You Were Mine (originally by CYNDI LAUPER) (feat. Paul Bearer)

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