NEWS: Arch Enemy: collaboration with PETA2, European tour kicks off soon!

Swedish Metal legend ARCH ENEMY have designed an exclusive T-Shirt design in collaboration with the animal rights organisation PETA2. You can purchase the T-Shirt design HERE. The revenue will be donated to PETA2.

PETA2 is part of the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) organisation, the world’s biggest organisation fighting for animal rights. PETA2 focuses on attracting younger people to make a stand for the ethical treatment of animals and among many other activities cooperates with artists, musicians as well as actors serving this good cause.

Hendrik Thiele, Head Of PETA2 Germany, is very pleased about the collaboration with ARCH ENEMY:“We are extremely excited about the new shirt design between ARCH ENEMY and PETA2. Angela and her members are one of the bands with the most clearly opinion on animal rights. We really like the fact that Angela is living a vegan lifestyle and is also an extremely charismatic front woman and vocalist. We truly hope that we can reach out to a lot of new ARCH ENEMY and metal fans with our “Liberate The Innocent” shirt in order to establish a much bigger discussion on the topics of veganism, vegetarianism and animal rights within the scene. Thanks again to ARCH ENEMY and Century Media for this great collaboration!”

Angela Gossow comments:“Sadistic bullfights, vivisection for perfumes and silly cosmetics, tortured circus animals, modern live-stock farming with no space to move, no light, no dignity – none of this is acceptable to somebody with a conscience! It is about time to liberate the innocent! The profits of this special t-shirt go to Peta2 to support them in their efforts to fight against animal cruelty. Help spread the word, boycott any company that hurts animals in one way or another and make conscious choices regarding your meat consumption. Support organic, local farmers, not the sickening meat industry – or go veggie like us 🙂 Thank you!“

ARCH ENEMY will soon be touring through Europe to present their new album “Khaos Legions” live on stage! After playing several high-profile festivals this summer and an extensive North American tour in September the band is looking forward to hit the European clubs again. Main support is coming from label mates Warbringer, Chthonic and Engel (Swedish dates only). Make sure to catch them live on the following dates:

28. Okt 2011 – MetaLmorphosiS 2011, Cyprus
05. Nov 2011 – Aalborg Metal Festival, Denmark

Swedish Khaos 2011
+ special guests: Engel + local support band

08. Nov 2011 – Folkets Park, Huskvarna, Sweden
09. Nov 2011 – Tyrol, Stockholm, Sweden
11. Nov 2011 – Mejeriet, Lund, Sweden
12. Nov 2011 – Trädgårn, Göteborg, Sweden

Khaos Over Europe 2011
+ special guests: Warbringer & Chthonic + local support band

presented by Metal Hammer (Germany), Guitar (Germany), (Germany)

06. Dez 2011 – Sheperd’s Bush Empire, London, UK
07. Dez 2011 – Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands
09. Dez 2011 – 013, Tilburg, Netherlands
10. Dez 2011 – Christmas Metal Meeting, Geiselwind, Germany
11. Dez 2011 – Rosenhof, Osnabrück, Germany
13. Dez 2011 – Essigfabrik, Köln, Germany*
14. Dez 2011 – Le Cartonnerie, Reims, France
16. Dez 2011 – Le 106, Ruen, France
17. Dec 2011 – L’Echonova, Vanesse, France
18. Dec 2011 – CC John Lennon, Limogese, France
20. Dec 2011 – Backstage Werk, München, Germany
21. Dec 2011 – Garage, Saarbrücken, Germany
22. Dec 2011 – Z 7, Pratteln, Switzerland



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