REVIEW: Templeton Pek – Slow Down For Nothing

Templeton Pek – Slow Down For Nothing
EP 2012 People Like U Records
Templeton Pek is an Birmingham (UK) based rock trio who just released his brand new EP on People Like You Records. The band started in 2007-2008 and spent the summer of 2011 supporting Rise Against across Europe and appearing alongside Good Charlotte, … The bands discography already consists of the single ‘If All Else Fails’ (2007), the album ‘No Association’ (2007/2008/2009), the EP ‘Kill This Sound’ (2011), the Charity single ‘Thirty Seconds Too Far’ (2011) and the album ‘Scratches & Scars’ (2011). Later this year they will release a new full length on People Like You Records.

On ‘Slow Down For Nothing’, Templeton Pek entertain us with a collection of 5 nice tunes. It is a strong and divers EP that offers a good combination of solid rock and melodic punkrock. The songs are catchy and powerful, they have good tempo changes and nice breakdowns. Together with strong riffs and great vocals, Slow Down For Nothing has everything you expect form a decent (punk)rock EP.

Track list:

2.What Are You Waiting For
4.Call To Disarm
5.Conflict In Memory


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