REVIEW: Let’s Talk Daggers – Winter

Let’s Talk Daggers – Winter

EP 2012 Tangled Talk Records

On March 12th Tangled Talk Records is going to release ‘Winter’, the third EP of the three piece experimental band from Eastbourne, UK ‘Let’s Talk Daggers”.

Let’s Talk Daggers is not easy to pin down within a certain genre or style, which makes listening to ‘Winter’ not an easy job. Let’s just stick to calling it post hardcore: an experimental blend of both punk and hardcore with a twist of metal, math core, noise and some references to Jazz.

‘Winter’ is 16 minutes of hard to chew music divided over four loud, fast, heavy and raging songs with odd structures and tempo changes. Most interesting about this EP is that within one song Let’s Talk Daggers is able to change genre and style. This creates an interesting sound which can be experienced as chaotic but in fact they never really lose control. Music for solid nerves.

Track list:

  1. Bear of Bad News

  2. Casino Coates

  3. Have a Gabble

  4. Humannequin


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