FESTIVAL: Groezrock 2012 update

Front’s Friday Takeover at GROEZROCK 2012

On top of a lineup to blast your face into the sky, it just got even better with the revelation that FRONT MAGAZINE will be taking over and running riot on the first evening, Friday 27 April, with their very own pre-festival party. “HOLY SHIT are we excited.” Starting at 7pm they are bringing over their very own FRONT GIRLS Arabella and Lora Leigh to party hard, as well as killer DJs Christian Stevenson and Karistocat to get everyone pumping. Did we mention how fucking excited we were? Get yourself out there on a bus, a festival ticket and campsite pass with See Gigs by clicking HERE, check out what they did last year at Groezrock HERE. Amazing.

Hardlife promotion’s festival market is complete

Reflections Records; Up magazine; King Cobra; Funtime Records; MRW Trading; Mr. Waterpijp; Kings Road Merch Europe; Epitaph Europe; Eye Spy Records; Sinner Supply; Pierced Heart; Cosmos Jewelry & Piercing; Big Deal Clothing; Camisetas Morgan; Wayhigh/Forensick Music; Death, Shred! Clothing; Rebellion Streetwear; Faceburn Leather & Buckles; Bad Mood Records; De Nieuwste Rages; Sea Shepherd Belgium; Shield Recordings; Fair Trade Merch; Let’s Go Bananas; Rude Records; Hopeless Records; NoReason Records; Reality Records; Bite Back; Impericon Clothing; Ass-Card Records; Jumpstart Records; Green Hell Records; Ragewear Clothing; The Limit Records; Enigma Clothing; Useless Pride Records; Total Heaven Recordstore; Poppodium 013; La Agonia de Vivir; Buckaneer Merch; Babashop VOF; 20.000 Ft; Pink Mist Distro; Big Scary Monsters Records; East Trading Company; Abandon Ship Apparel; Diskspunkos; In Stitc hes Clothing; Loyalty & Devotion; Attitude Holland; Marco Cools; Hardcore Help Foundation.

GROEZROCK presented by MONSTER Energy:

Groezrock is glad to announce a newpartnership with Monster Energy for the coming three years as presenting partner! Monster Energy will provide that extra buzz you all got to know last year and will present the Monster Energy Booth during Groezrock 2012. After the awesome FMX shows in 2011 Monster Energy wanted to come up with something different, fresh… They will now create a cool hangout area with DJ-Sets, signing sessions, a bar and much more!

Hangover? No problem! In collaboration with the Monster Energy bands and athletes, the brand created the perfect solution… Monster Rehab!
Monster rehab refreshes, rehydrates and gives you that bad-ass energy blend to fire you up. Everything you need to survive Groezrock 2012!

Visit www.monstenergy.com and win a Monster Energy Festival Pack.


Time Schedule

Expect early April all timings on our website.

Beer & other refreshments

Again we’re serving ice cold beers and other refreshments for only 1,66 Euro.


Friday : 70 euro / Entrance : 80 euro

Saturday : 70 euro / Entrance : 80 euro

Combi : 110 euro / Entrance : 125 euro

Camping : 15 euro (camping tickets are not sold separately)

tickets: www.groezrock.be/tickets


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