REVIEW: Wisdom in Chains – The Missing Links

Wisdom in Chains – The Missing Links

CD 2012 I Scream Records

American Hardcore/punk band Wisdom in Chains was founded in early 2003, as a musical collaboration between musicians from both America and Europe. They have put their mark on the American & European hardcore and punk scene ever since. Now they are back with their new album ‘The Missing Links’. The album is produced by Freddy Cricien (Madball) and will be released by I Scream Records.

‘The Missing Links’ is tough guy hardcore/punk, old school way, with breaks, mosh parts, woo hoo’s and sing-along’s. It is a good soundtrack for a boy’s night out: fist in the air, pint in the other hand and singing-along with (cliché) songs about friendship, family, setbacks in life, standing your ground, … ‘The missing Links’ is a record that will appeal to the fans of rough but melodic old school/tough guy hardcore/punk as we know from bands as Sick Of It All and No Redeeming Social Value.

Nice extra are the kind of oriental resting points in the middle of the album (intro form the tittle track ‘The Missing Links) and at the end of the album (Annunaki Genetics) and the contribution of rapper Slaine on Top Of The World. 7.5/10

Track list:

  1. Defend Protect
    2. Black Out The Sky
    3. Travelling
    4. Peace To My Family
    5. My Friend
    6. Can’t Bring Me Down
    7. The Missing Links
    8. Snakes
    9. Ghost Of Buddy
    10. Top Of The World
    11. In Case You Forgot
    12. I Never Sleep
    13. Annunaki Genetics



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