NEWS: Strength Records

v/a – Respect your roots worldwide CD


Feat exclusive recordings by: Terror, Rancid, Biohazard, Napalm Death, Evergreen terrace, Beowulf, Dropkick Murphys, Peter Pan Speedrock, Bonecrusher, The Unseen, The Generators, The Bones, Hard Resistance, No Turning Back, Hudson Falcons, Agnostic Front, Wisdom In Chains, Flatfoot 56, Death by Stereo, Good Riddance, Deafness By Noise, and many more…


Hard Resistance – Lawless & Disorder CD

LAWLESS & DISORDER is a brutal assault against the government, politics, social institutes, religion and the so-called dream of success, fame and wealth through thrift and hard work. Modern slavery is the enema of our modern world. Stop thinking out of the box. Follow your leaders. Obey.

100% pure. HARD RESISTANCE continue with their crusade against all traditions- no compromises. 100% fed up. A middle finger to the so-called well established institutes and their opinions. Stand up for yourself even if nobody is on your side. Be heard- create.

HARD RESISTANCE have developed their own form of hardcore and metal with punk and crust elements, hard hitting riffs and up tempo songs what results in a massive wall of sound with an aggressive vocal in the mix. The bands brand new songs will lead the old school term all the way to a present new sound. Guest vocals on ‘The Grand Illusion’ by BILLY GRAZIADEI from BIOHAZARD!

LAWLESS & DISORDER was recorded, produced and mixed at Red Left Hand Studio in Stabroek (Antwerp), by Sven Janssens, making this release sure to be known as the most diverse and punishing creation to date. HARD RESISTANCE is ready to hit the road again in 2012 and beyond.


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