REVIEW: Homer – The Politics Of Make Believe

Homer – The Politics Of Make Believe

CD/LP 2012 Funtime Records/Labl Records

Homer is since years one of the most steady forces within the Belgium punkrock and hardcore scene. In March they released their latest record ‘the Politics Of Make Believe’ at the Klinker In Aarschot. The album is released on CD by Funtime Records and the Vinyl version is available through Labl Records.

‘The Politics Of Make Believe’ is another typical Homer record with rock and metal infused melodic socio-political hardcore and punkrock. Furious riffs, clean vocals, well placed screams and breaks and some sing-alongs make this record a real must have, not only for the die hard fans but for all of us that love real music.

If you thought that Homer would grow old and fade out or take an early retirement, think again because these ‘Disciples Of Rock’n Roll’ are here to stay and just kicked our asses with a great record. Again with some killer artwork and a protest manual to make your own protest stencils. 8.5/10

track list:

1. The Politics Of Make Believe

2. My Demons Didn’t Make It To The Future

3. My Last Piece Of Ignorance

4. Disciples Of Rock’n Roll

5. White Does Rhyme With Empty

6. Inferno

7. This Statue Won’t Fall Down

8. Vamos!!!

9. The Path That Leads To Reason

10. This Scene Is Sacrificed


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