REVIEW: Final prayer – I Am Not Afraid

Final prayer – I Am Not Afraid

CD 2012 Let It Burn Records

This Hardcore outfit from Berlin joined Daily Hero Studio once again to track the follow-up of the ‘Berlin’ EP after Dennis Sommer (Ex Black Friday ’29) replaced founding member Felix Heiduk on bass-guitar. The album will be released by Let it Burn Records in May.

‘I Am Not Afraid’ is what hardcore should sound like: hard, rough, energetic and with a good 80s vibe. But ‘I Am Not Afraid’ has become a groovy and divers album with a perfect combination of heavy breakdowns, catchy melodies and sing-along’s and the album has a healthy dose of metal and punk mixed into the sound, just enough to appeal to a larger crowd than the die-hard hardcore scene alone. 8.5/10

Track list:

1. I Am Not Afraid

2. Reinventing Revolution

3. The Only Thing

4. Nonbeliever

5. Mind Eraser

6. All Of Us

7. Final Hour

8. Growing Colder

9. Heimathafen Kreuzberg

10. Nothing

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