REVIEW: lower Lands – Growing Pains

lower Lands – Growing Pains

EP 2012 I Am Mighty Records

Lower Lands is a young British rock band formed in late 2010 in the little town of Lincoln. They release their brand new E.P. ‘Growing Pains’ on April 14th on the UK based independent label I Am Mighty Records.

Lower Lands rock sound is heavily influenced by poppunk and it has a dash of emo driven melodic hardcore which result in six songs with a very mature, melancholic and radio friendly sound. The songs on this Growing Pains EP are strong and well structured, they have good vocals, nice harmonies and riffs and good lyrics. Lower Lands is a band to keep an eye on. 8/10

Track List:

1. Wide Eyes
2. 12 Green Bottle
3. Idle Hands, Empty Pockets
4. Reality In Routine
5. Why Don’t We Just Build A cathedral?
6. Growing Pains


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