REVIEW: Bob Wayne – Till The Wheels Fall Off

Bob Wayne – Till The Wheels Fall Off

CD/LP/digital 2012 People Like You Records

Country outlaw Bob Wayne has released his second album ‘Till The Wheels Fall Off’, the follower of “Outlaw Carnie’, on People Like You Records.

The connoisseurs will know what to expect. For the ones who doesn’t know him, Bob Wayne brings hard hitting outlaw country rock’n’roll with a punk attitude as we know from acts like Hank III combined with real country ballads.

This country troubadour, who started as a roadie for Hank III, is a passionate performer and a storyteller, sometimes in a Johnny Cash alike narrative style. Some songs on Till The Wheels Fall Off’ are just entertainment while others are based on real life experience, both with topics about living between good and evil, trucks, girls, partying, law enforcement, being on the road, ….

A real must have for the fans of Hank III, Johnny Cash and everybody who likes country with a punk attitude. 8,5/10

Track list:

  1.  Till The Wheels Fall Off
  2. There Ain’t No Diesel Trucks In Heaven
  3. All My Friends
  4. Get There When I Get There
  5. Fuck The Law
  6. Lyza
  7. Devil’s Son
  8. Wives Of Three
  9. Lost Vegas
  10. All Those One Night Stands
  11. Hunger In My Soul
  12. A Pistol And A 100 Dollar Bill
  13. Spread My Ashes On The Highway


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