INTERVIEW: Belvedere – “We had the feeling it was done.”

The Canadian punkrock band ‘Belvedere’ was very active from 1995 to 2005. They broke up in the late 2005 after being on the road for 10 years.

During my chat with ‘Belvedere’ on Groezrock on April 28th 2012 they told me that the decided to call it a day during a horrible tour: “we have always been a heavy touring band and we went on tour in Western Canada in 2005 that wasn’t doing well … it was a horrible tour … so at one moment on the tour we had the feeling that it was done.”

So late 2005 ‘Belvedere’ decided to quit but blood is ticker than water and after the demise of ‘Belvedere’, Steve and Graham were set on starting a new project and in 2007 they formed ‘This Is A Standoff’. Their debut album ‘Be Excited’ was released on October 9th, 2008 on the Belgium Funtime Records in the Benelux and Denmark. In 2009 they released another record called ‘Be disappointed’ also on Funtime Records.

‘This Is A Standoff’ wasn’t setup to be a touring band, Graham explains: “’This Is A Standoff’ wasn’t intended to go on tour, we believed in what we were doing and just wanted to make music but Steve is a real workaholic so being in a band with Steve …”. It was during their period with being on the road with ‘This Is A Standoff’ that the idea for doing a ‘Belvedere’ reunion arose when people were asking for it and responded well on the ‘Belvedere’ songs they played.

So after 7 years since the ending of ‘Belvedere’ the band got back together for a one time reunion tour with two European shows and a few South America and Canadian shows. There Groezrock 2012 appearance was great and they played for an enthusiastic crowd.

‘Belvedre’ really enjoins playing these reunion shows but touring is harder nowadays and not everybody is able to be on tour full time anymore. “This is a one time ‘Belvedere’ reunion tour, with no plans to play other shows or releasing new material”, Belvedere explains.


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