REVIEW: Mothbites S/T

Mothbites S/T

EP 2012 Tangled Talk Records / WTS? Records

Mothbites is Southampton singer/songwriter Miles Coles who recently (June 4th) released his self-titled debut EP via Tangled Talk Records and WTS? Records.

This is not something for most of the punkrockers among us but when you are into tender music, Bon Iver, honest singer-songwriter stuff and stripped down music, … you might like you like Mothbites. Highlight on this 3-track EP is the opener ‘Howling Forever’ that reminds me of the depressive voice and music of Neil Young, which is great, but on the other two tracks Miles drifts away and it becomes boring which is a shame. When all the 3 tracks were as good as the opener, it would be a nice EP.

Track list:

  1. Howling Forever

  2. What I hadn’t seen

  3. Foreign Ghost


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