REVIEW: Buster Shuffle – Do Nothing

Buster Shuffle – Do Nothing

CD/LP 2012 People like you Records

Out Of Step’s most favourite London based piano driven skapop band is back with a new album on People Like You Records called ‘Do Nothing’. The original four-piece, fronted by pianist and lead vocalist Jethro Baker, is now expanded with a Hammond player and two backing vocalists to a seven-piece which really enriches their vintage sound.

Buster Shuffle is a real British product with their cockney accent and their poppy Madness alike ska tunes, a dash of The Jam and some rock’n’roll. If You liked their previous album ‘Our Night Out’, then you will certainly love ‘Do Nothing’ because Buster Shuffle again proofs that they are able to created well structured catchy feel good songs. The London kings of poppy ska rock’n’roll just did it again. 8.5/10

Track List:

1. So Such Of Much 3.07

2. Brothers And Sisters 2.54

3. Doesn’t Matter 3.03

4. Around Here 2.06

5. The Lake Song 4.49

6. Elvis vs. Wag 3.08

7. Made In China 2.40

8. English Way 3.13

9. Just Keep Thinking 2.19

10. 15 Again 3.00

11. Talking Sweet 2.35

12. Come In 2.11


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