KLOEMPROCK 2012 – bands on stage part 5

Altough the Voodoo Glow Skulls and Left Alone cancelled their European tour and will not perform on this years edition of Kloemprock. The festival still offers 2 stages of punkrock mayhem with a lot of national and international (ska)punkrock/hardcore/rock bands. Here is an introduction to 2 bands that play the main stage on the 10th of August 2012 at Kloemprock.

OFF WITH THEIR HEADS formed in 2002 and went through a slew of musicians before finally cementing the lineup with Ryan Young on vocals/guitar, Justin Francis on drums, Zack Gontard on guitar and Robbie Swartwood on bass. Since their inception, the band has released an impressive catalog of music including seventeen 7″‘s, one LP and a few comps, and has toured relentlessly in US, Europe, Canada and Japan for the past five years with bands like Against Me, Youth Brigade, The Bouncing Souls and Municipal Waste to name a few. It was during Off With Their Heads’ 2009 tour with Against Me when the band got the call from Epitaph’s owner/president Brett Gurewitz. “Off With Their Heads might be the best punk band going right now, Epitaph needs them; music needs them,” says Gurewitz.


In 2005, when the melodic punk scene in Sweden was almost completely dead, they appeared. ATLAS LOSING GRIP rose from the ashes and their debut album ‘Shut the World Out’ took them touring around Europe. Satanic Surfers lead singer Rodrigo Alfaro, who had appeared as a guest vocalist on the debut album, was recruited in 2008. Things fell into place and the group was completed. For the first time in years, Swedish punk rock felt alive and real. The band toured all over Europe and suported Bad Religion on a few Scandinavian dates before starting to work on their next album. ‘State of Unrest’ has been praised by the press and the success of the album will take Atlas Losing Grip out on the road again like never before.

KLOEMPROCK: http://www.kloemprock.be


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