REVIEW: The Bones – Monkeys With Guns

The Bones – Monkeys With Guns

CD/LP People Like You Records

It has been 5 years since Swedish outfit ‘the Bones’ released their previous album ‘Burnout Boulevard’ but on June 18th they released their fifth studio album ‘Monkeys With Guns’ on People Like You Records.

The best way to describe ‘the Bones’ is considering them as a Punk Rock’n’Roll band but in a way this description is to narrow to define their sound because on ‘Monkeys With Guns’ you can here that they have a rich punk rock sound influenced by streetpunk, speedrock, poppunk, surf and rockabilly.

Due to the use of different vocalists (both guitarist Boner and Beef and bass player Andi do lead vocals), catchy sing-along’s, sharp edged rock’n’roll and poppy tunes, they created their own blend of Punk Rock’n’Roll for the fans of Motörhead, Social Distortion and the Ramones.

‘Monkeys With Guns’ is a good soundtrack for a BBB workout: Beer, BBQ and the Bones.

Track List:

  1. Bones City Rollers

  2. Shooting Blanks

  3. Concrete Cowboys

  4. Smile Of The Cobra

  5. State Of Rock `N`Roll

  6. Dead Heart Beats

  7. Cemetery Sue

  8. Die Like A Man

  9. Burnout Boulevard

  10. Wendy

  11. One Louder

  12. Straight To Crashville

  13. The Hooligan Bop

  14. Mr. Bartender

  15. This Hound Dog Rocks

Limited Edition Bonus Tracks:

  1. I Feel Like Shit

  2. Stitch Me Up


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