REVIEW: The Whocares – Smooth Driving Tunes

The Whocares – Smooth Driving Tunes

MCD 2012 Give Me Gold Records

The first time I heard about ‘The Whocares’ was when they released a split CD with ‘The Chuck Norris Experiment (SWE), V8Wankers (DE) and Electric Frankenstein (USA) in 2007. Now they are back with a renewed line-up (with Gaz hard on vocals and Geoff Stixxx on drums) and a new 3 song EP called ‘Smooth Driving Tunes’.

To use their own words: Hard Driven Rock & roll Power is what you get when you listen to ‘Smooth Driving Tunes’. The guitar riff/intro from High Heels really get you in the mood for some greasy rock and roll. It sets the tune for the rest of the album. Personally the vocals could be a bit more greasy, rougher and dirtier here and their but in general, ‘Smooth Driving Tunes’ certainly is very good EP for the fans that like their rock’n’roll to be dirty and powerful. Unfortunately the EP only has 3 songs, it really got me in the mood for more, a lot more. 8.5/10

Track list:

  1. High Heels
  2. Good Shake
  3. Behind The Wheel


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