NEWS: Antillectual announce North and South American tour, release new EP

Starting October 16th, Antillectual’s band members will swap their Dutch homes for an American tour van. They kick off their tour with a show in Canada, followed by ten shows in the United States (including Fest 11) and then another ten shows in Brazil. “On the 28th of September we release an EP containing three new songs and a remake of an oldie from our debut album ‘Silencing Civilization’. That seemed like a good reason to embark on another tour across the Atlantic. We’re obviously thrilled to play these shows, not to mention visiting Brazil for the first time. Upon return we fly straight to Italy for a few shows. Then we go back into the studio to record a new album, which is scheduled for March”, says Willem, Antillectual’s lead singer and guitarist. In six years, the band played over 700 shows in Europe, the USA and Russia, and their albums were released worldwide in recent years.

The three new tracks from the ‘Future History’ EP will also find their way to the new full length, which will be released in the spring of 2013. Musically, the new songs are a continuation of their last effort ‘Start From Scratch!’: the amps are still cranked all the way up, but the addition of a touch of pop to the compact songs makes them more accessible for a broader audience than previous albums.

Antillectual is a socially engaged band with lyrics covering issues like human rights, fair trade and animal rights. Band members Willem, Riekus and Glen believe that engagement goes beyond the realm of a studio or a stage: it’s a way of life. “Of course we want to entertain our listeners and our audience, but we also encourage them to think for themselves. We try to promote a conscious lifestyle, especially in this day and age where economic setbacks and recurring injustice in the world are an increasingly topical issue. That’s what keeps us busy, and it resonates in our music.”

Future History will be released throughout Europe and Russia on September 28th, by Destiny Records, Shield Recordings, No Reason Records, Lockjaw Records and Angry Chuck Records.

Tour dates

Oct 16 CAN Montreal, QC; Lesco
Oct 17 USA Albany, NY; Fuze box
Oct 18 USA Rochester, NY; Elixer
Oct 19 USA Worcester, MA; Ralphs
Oct 20 USA Manhattan, NY; ABC No Rio
Oct 21 USA Brooklyn, NY; The Place
Oct 22 USA Philadelphia, PA; Mother’s
Oct 23 USA Washington, DC; Rass Hall
Oct 24 USA Richmond, VA; Empire
Oct 25 USA Wilmington, NC; Soapbox
Oct 26 USA Gainesville, FL; Fest XI
Oct 27 USA Gainesville, FL; Fest XI
Oct 28 USA Gainesville, FL; Fest XI
Nov 01 BRA Urussanga, SC; Ventuno Pub
Nov 02 BRA Porto Alegre, SC; Entre Bar
Nov 04 BRA Novo Hamburgo, RS; Abbey Road bar
Nov 06 BRA Florianópolis, SC; Mustafa Bar
Nov 07 BRA São Carlos, SP; Palquinho da Ufscar
Nov 08 BRA Guarulhos, SP; Musical Bar
Nov 09 BRA Santos, SP; Tribal Club
Nov 10 BRA São Paulo, SP; Hangar 110
Nov 10 BRA São José d/Campos, SP; Hocus Pocus
Nov 11 BRA Vitória, ES; Bar Pós Graduação


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