REVIEW: Hard Resistance – Lawless & Disorder

Hard Resistance – Lawless & Disorder

CD 2012 Strength Records

I never thought that when Hard Resistance called It quits in 2002, I would be writing a review about a new Hard Resistance album 10 years later.

Although it has been 10 years ago it just feels like Hard Resistance picked up where they ended. Listening to ‘Lawless & Disorder’ for the first time is like reliving the moment when I gave their ‘Engine Of Hate’ album a first spin. It brings back some good memories.

Hard Resistance probably was and probably always will be one of Belgium’s hardest, meanest and most angry hardcore bands around. On ‘Lawless & Disorder’ they are angry about just everything you can be angry about: the government and politics is general, social institutes, religion, globalisation, the modern world, …

Listening to ‘Lawless & Disorder’ is like listening to one pissed off up-tempo brutal hardcore/punk/metal track, its one massive wall of sound fronted by aggressive vocals.

Lawless & Disorder is released on Strength Records, the new label founded by Onno Cro-Mag and Roger Miret (Agnostic Front). 8/10

Track List:

  1. Despised & Destroyed
  2. War For Sale
  3. Burn My Thoughts
  4. Earth Will Be Destroyed
  5. The Grand Illusion
  6. Conform.Consume.Obey
  7. New World Order
  8. Death In Absentia
  9. Religious Stranglehold
  10. The Final Century
  11. Captains Of Industry
  12. Sin City


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