REVIEW: The Bruiseheads – The Unstoppable Force

The Bruiseheads – The Unstoppable Force

CD 2012 Rebellion Records (col#10)

‘The Unstoppable Force’ by ‘The Bruiseheads’ is released as a part of a special Limited Oi! collectable digipack series released by the Dutch streetpunk/Oi label Rebellion Records. The releases are limited to 200, 250 or 300 copies worldwide and are real collector items. This is # 10 of the series and limited to 200 copies. It includes five new tracks (the Unstoppable Force) and six track from their 2008 demo.

‘The Bruiseheads’ are a young Oi/streetpunk band from Holland that play simple, straightforward up-tempo Oi/Streetpunk. You can hear that they know their classic because they sound like a classic British Oi band on speed and although the vocalist sound like he’s already doing it for a few decades he’s just a young lad. In comparison with the demo tracks, you can hear on the first part of the record that the band has evolved in a positive way, it just sounds …better.

If you like plain and simple up-tempo Oi music, than you certainly have to check out this release from this promising Dutch band.

The Unstoppable Force 2012:

1. The unstoppable force

2. Slag

3. Unwanted

4. Used to be

5. Loaded up

Demo 2008:

6. Frustration

7. The best we can do

8. Once again

9. This is where we live

10. Who we are

11. Brabantse scene


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