REVIEW: Clockwork Crew – What About Us/Pa Svenska

Clockwork Crew – What About Us/Pa Svenska

CD 2012 Rebellion Records (col#11)

The ‘What About Us’ (2000) and the ‘Pa Svenska’ (2003) records by the Swedish Oi/Punk band ‘The Clockwork Crew’ are re-released as a part of a special Limited Oi! collectable digipack series by the Dutch streetpunk/Oi label Rebellion Records. These releases are limited to 200, 250 or 300 copies worldwide and are real collector items. This is # 11 of the series and limited to 250 copies and it includes all the tracks from their ‘What About Us’ debut, their På Svenska record (previously only available on vinyl) and some bonus tracks.

‘The Clockwork Crew’ has a traditional British Oi/punk sound largely influenced by bands as Cock Sparrer and Sham 69. The Cock Sparrer influence is mostly heard in the more the rock’n’roll melodic Oi sound and the Cock Sparrer alike vocals. They also cover the Cock Sparrer classic ‘Where Are They Now’. A tribute to Sham 69 is mostly made by the song ‘Hersham Heroes’ and by covering Sham 69’s ‘Everybody´s Right, Everybody´s Wrong’.

The ‘What About Us/Pa Svenska’ record is a nice addition to your Oi collection (if you don’t have these releases yet). Its a nice album for the fans of catchy Sham 69 and Cock Sparrer alike 80’s sing-along Oi with a punk attitude. 8/10

Track List:

What About Us (2000)

  1. Saturday night

  2. You’re no better

  3. Where are they now

  4. Money and freedom
  5. Four years

  6. Made in society

  7. I’m so bored

  8. Little U.S. of A.

  9. Hersham heroes

  10. You know nothing

  11. What about us

  12. Everybody’s right / Everybody’s wrong

På Svenska (2003)

  1. Trygga slem

  2. Du är så trög

  3. Kärringen ovanpå

  4. Smack, smack

  5. Pappas pojkar

  6. Sprängd

  7. Sno från dom rika

Bonus Tracks

  1. Sug min kuk

  2. Nowhere to go

  3. Middleclass entertainment

  4. Death of an official

  5. Militant vegan

  6. Dirty Harry

  7. Cretin hop


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