REVIEW: Slick 46 – One Thing Led To Another

Slick 46 – One Thing Led To Another

CD 2012 Rebellion Records (col#12)

The ‘One Thing Led To Another’ release by the streetpunk band Slick 46 is another album from the special Limited Oi! collectable digipack series by the Dutch streetpunk/Oi label Rebellion Records. This is # 12 of the series and limited to 250 copies.

SLICK46 are a Melbourne, Australia based working class streetpunk band that started out in 1998 as a trio but evolved into a four-piece. This ‘ One Thing Led To Another’ is a best of compilation full of melodic sing-along streetpunkrock’n’roll and therefore a nice introduction to this band. The use of multiple vocalists both male and female, makes it a divers album. You got rough, male fronted streetpunk songs alternating nicely with more melodic, female fronted songs that remind me of the London based streetpunk band ‘Deadline’.

‘One Thing Led To Another’ made me thirsty for more. 8/10

Track List:

  1. I Don’t wanna – re-recorded

  2. Stand Up – re-mixed and re-mastered

  3. Better Man – re-recorded

  4. Don’t waste my time – re-recorded

  5. Nobody’s Heroes – re-mixed and re-mastered

  6. Wake up – re-recorded

  7. Draw the line – Brand new track previously unreleased

  8. Hurry Up – re-mixed and re-mastered

  9. Move Aside – re-recorded

  10. Young Love – re-recorded

  11. Everything you want – re-recorded

  12. Don’t pray for me – re-mixed and re-mastered

  13. Stand In Line – re-recorded

  14. turn it up – Brand new track previously unreleased

  15. Spotlight – re-recorded


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