MINE is a new London based band formed in March 2012, featuring ex and current members of the metal/hardcore bands ‘Hang The Bastard’, ‘Centurions Ghost’ and ‘A Long Time Dead’. All the above bands are strangers to me but MINE has a sound that is interesting enough to justify a small interview.

OOS: “Can you introduce the band and also explaining why you guys had the urge to start this band?”

Chris: “Hi, OK well there’s me (Chris) and I do vocals and I used to sing in a band called Hang The Bastard. Mark plays bass and used to sing in Centurions Ghost and he also played bass in HTB for a spell. Matthew plays guitar and Dave plays drums, they both play in A Long Time Dead together.

MINE starting up was really down to me, I started to feel that I had achieved all I had wanted too with my previous band and as much as I still really like hardcore and metal, being in that sort of band was not really on my agenda anymore, amongst other factors that aren’t worth going into. So in March after I got home from a tour I asked Mark if he wanted to start up something different with me. Mark and Dave had already been jamming in a two-piece project together so it made sense for him to come in as well and I thought Matt would be an interesting addition and I also felt that he would vibe of what we wanted to do.

There was an awkward few moments when we had our first jam together as this sound was something pretty new to us but Matt had already written what became Hidden In Drawers and after that it was all really natural and flowing.

It’s probably safe to say that some of us hit a musical slump and the thought of starting something new and fresh was totally appealing. To me anyway.”

OOS: “Listening to the upcoming EP, I can conclude that it has a divers sound, with odd hooks and tempo changes and different musical influences like mathcore, grunge, …. MINE has more a post rock sound with raging hardcore punk and psychedelic elements than a metal sound compared to bands like ‘Hang The Bastard’. Can you agree and why did you decided to go this course and who or what are MINE’s biggest influences?”

Chris: “Yeah I’d totally agree with that! I’ve always been into bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, Mineral and always wanted to experiment with that kind of sound but adding a hardcore punk edge. To be totally honest it was actually Anne who got me into wanting a gaze tone over it all as I loved their record Dream Punx when it came out.

We’re all really into a lot of new wave and indie so I guess that’s where the rock comes from but over all I think our own individual tastes really compliment what we’re trying to achieve. We even pulled out a Tear It Up cover at our first show, we’re all siked on bands like that too haha!”

OOS: “Holy Roar Records will release your EP at the end of October on vinyl and Cult Culture will release a limited tape version. We live in a digital era nowadays but vinyl is still hot but why the choice to release it also on tape?”

Chris: “There’s just something very soulless about downloading music, sure its nice to have a band you like on your iPod or whatever but I’m way more into have something physical and something where I know a lot of work went into producing it.

The reason behind the tape was purely because we weren’t sure what would happen with the tracks after we recorded. We hadn’t spoken to any labels about it, as we didn’t want to jump the gun. I had always wanted to start a label so I thought it would be nice to start up Cult Culture so MINE had a home. I also just really like tapes, I was only going to print a small run of 100 anyway and do something nice with the packaging.

Fortunately, Holy Roar wanted to do a one sided LP for us once Alex heard the EP and we agreed that I would still go ahead with the tape release as originally intended.”

OOS: “What are the goals you want to achieve with this band?”

Chris: “We all have quite busy lives outside of MINE, Dave and Mark both tour manage, which means they can be away for a few weeks at a time or more on some occasions. Me and Matt both have pretty full on jobs here in London but we all agreed that when we are available we’ll put all efforts into writing more MINE records and just make sure we’re putting out the best that we can and nothing rushed.

We do plan on touring but that will be a lot further down the line, maybe next summer we’ll hit the mainland but who knows right now!

I think ultimately, we want to do what we want to do and not have anyone try to cash in on what we are doing and take the reigns which I see happening with a lot of good bands recently. We’ll just do what we want to do, otherwise what’s the point.”

MINE – s/t

12” EP on Holy Roar Records and tape on Cult Culture Records

MINE’s music is not what you would expect when you first check out the band members previous metal/hardcore bands ‘Hang The Bastard’, ‘Centurions Ghost’ and ‘A Long Time Dead’. MINE has a more complex sound that is based on different musical influences like mathcore, grunge, hardcore, punk, …. I would like to describe it as post rock with raging hardcore punk and psychedelic elements. Its divers (sometimes more heavy sometimes more subdued) with odd hooks and tempo changes.

MINE’s debut release is for the hardcore/rock fans who likes to cross boundaries. 8/10

track list:

  1. Crossed Out
  2. What Kind Of Bird Are You
  3. Hidden In Drawers
  4. Back Seats


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