REVIEW: Letters To You – True Words of Life

Letters To You – True Words of Life

EP 2012 DIY

Letters To You is a 3-piece acoustic singer-songwriter band from Ingolstadt, Germany founded in the autumn of 2008. They already have 3 EP’s under their belt: ‘dedicated to…’ EP (2010), this ‘true words of life’ EP (2012) and the ‘true words of life REMIXES’ EP (2012). All EP’s can be downloaded for free on their website

I don’t know if it is coincidence or not but the beautiful intimate subdued sound of ‘True Words of Life’ just sounds very autumnal, knowing that the band started out in the autumn. ‘True Words of Life’ feels like the perfect soundtrack for an rainy autumn day but even during a nice Indian summer day the songs are a delight to the ear.

Track list:

1. Prologue
2. May 13 (feat. Julia Maronde)
3. Coming Home
4. Under The Streetlights (feat. Qy)
5. Breathe In | Breathe Out
6. Far From Any End (feat. Chris Neuburger from SLUT)
7. The Miracle In Your Belly


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