REVIEW: Old Kerry McKee – Wooden Songs

Old Kerry McKee – Wooden Songs

LP 2012 The Greatest Records

I’m having one of those rare moments in reviewing records that I don’t no what to say or where to start because ‘Wooden Songs’, the full length debut by the one-man orchestra Old Kerry McKee (Joakim Malmborg) from Gothenburg (SWE), leaves me breathless staring at my stereo.

I have a weakness for true and unpolished music. Old Kerry McKee’s ‘Wooden Songs’ just touched that weak spot. Backed up by an acoustic guitar, a snare drum, a harmonica, an old record player Joakim creates a rough and unpolished mix of folk, country and modern blues. Joakim seems to fight his demons with breathtaking songs full of tragedy and melancholy as a result.

Good America folk/blues with a dash of Bob Dylan. 8,5/10

Track list:

  1. Earthlings
  2. F.l.o.r
  3. Death, Oh Death
  4. Broken Leaf
  5. Hell Within My Chest
  6. Soiled, Tattered and Thirst…
  7. One Day
  8. The Rocking Chair
  9. untitled


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