REVIEW: The Peacocks – Don’t Ask

The Peacocks – Don’t Ask
CD, LP, Digital Download 2012 People Like You Records

The Swiss punk rock’nroll trio, The Peacocks, are back with a new album on People Like You Records. Being around since 1990 they still still do what they do best for more then 20 years already and that’s playing stand-up bass driven rockabilly enriched with punk rock and poppy psychobilly tunes.

On their latest album ‘Don’t Ask’ they fulfil our expectations, nothing more but certainly nothing less. Don’t Ask is an addictive album, full of sing-along and easy to dance to material. Its a divers and catchy album that swings from the beginning till the end.

Maybe not for the die hard psychos among us but certainly enjoyable punkabilly for the masses. 8/10

Track List:

1. What I Want

2. Need A Break

3. All I’ve Got Is What You See

4. Don’t Pretend To Care When You Don’t Care

5. Re-Hash Boogie

6. Up And Down

7. It’s All A Lot Of Bollocks

8. How Did They Do That?

9. With You

10. The Girl’s In Trouble And The Boy’s In Panic

11. Nothing Left To Sing

12. How Long?

13. The Long Way Home

14. I Shouldn’t Bring Up What I Can’t Put Down


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