REVIEW: Mad Sin – 25 Years-Still Mad

Mad Sin – 25 Years – Still Mad

DVD+CD/CD+DVD 2012 People Like You Records

Mad Sin is spreading their sickness for 25 years already since their birth in 1987 out the hard rocking street fighting, heavy drinking rockabilly and punk underworld of Berlin. To celebrate this they released their first DVD ’25 years – Still Mad’ on People Like You Records.

Running for approximately 166 minutes video + 78 minutes audio, this audio CD/DVD set features their anniversary show in their home stomping ground of Berlin recorded in 2010, interviews, and previously unreleased rare footage from 1987 onwards. In addition the set includes video clips from earlier singles, a tour documentary, private tapes and a photo slide show.

If you are a fan than this release will be a great addition to your collection. If you aren’t familiar with Mad Sin, than you will have a good idea what Mad Sin is all about. This release certainly gave me goosebumps because this is Mad Sin on their best: raw, rough, tough and rocking like the world is coming to and end. You just feel the energy and the adrenaline pumping, it feels like you were/are there and it feels great. 8,5/10

Track List Audio CD

1. Intro

2. Last Gang Standing

3. Cursed

4. Point Of No Return

5. Out Of My Head

6. 1000 Eyes

7. Brainstorm

8. Wreckhouse Stomp

9. 2, 3, 4

10. Nothing’s Allright

11. Brand New Cadillac (featuring Tiger

Lilly Marleen of Bonsai Kitten)

12. Walltown Kids

13. Communication Breakdown

14. Nine Lives

15. Sell Your Soul

16. To Walk The Night

17. T.C.S.

18. Ride This Torpedo

19. Geisterfahrer

20. Dead Moon

21. Straight To Hell

22. Psychotic Night


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