REVIEW: The Manics – Please Panic, it’s …

The Manics – Please Panic, it’s …

CD 2012 Rebellion Records

The Manics is a four-piece band from Sweden formed in 2010 by Clockwork Crew vocalist Peter Aspegren on vocals and guitar. Their debut full-length is released by Rebellion Records as a limited edition of 250 hand numbered digipacks.

Rebellion Records is mostly known for Oi and Streetpunk bands and releases but with The Manics they walk a different course that brings us to bands as Stiff Little Fingers, The undertones and even a dash of Slade.

To sum it up ‘Please Panic, it’s …’ by the Manics is a nice record full of rocking power pop with a late seventies punk rock vibe. 8/10

Track list:

1. I don’t need you

2. Gonna have love

3. Just be there

4. Oh, Jules

5. Everybody knows

6. Johnny

7. Happy house

8. 24 seven

9. The other side

10. Mr. No


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