REVIEW: The Reeves – On The Beat

The Reeves – On The Beat

CD 2012 DIY

One thing is for sure, in Belgium there are a lot of good (underground) bands that know how to rock. There are bands that play rock’n’roll blended with blues (The Devilles, …) or rock’n’roll soaked with punk and country (The Red Light Rumors, …) but there are some new kids in town that play rock’n’roll full of soul: The Reeves.

The boys and girl form ‘The Reeves’ have a background in hardcore punk, death metal and progressive rock bands but they decided to take another course with ‘The Reeves’ and I’m glad they did. The sound they have created is so catchy, so poppy but most important so soulful, that it probably will go to waste in another hardcore, punk or metal band.

From the beginning of ‘The greatest escapes’ till the end of ‘Movie love’, Mary Jane Reeve’s raw edged powerful voice, the poppy garage rock tunes and the high dose of Motown from ‘On The Beat’ stick to you like a tenacious chewing gum on the bottom of your ribbed shoe. 8,5/10

Track list:

1. The greatest escapes

2. Lost … or found

3. Black heart

4. Movie love


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