INTERVIEW: Mosquito (B)

MOSQUITO is a Belgium experimental rock duo with Kevin Imbrechts on guitar and Nico Kennes on drums and vocals and where less equals more. (Pics by Jeroen Vanneste unless stated otherwise)

OOS: “Mosquito is a rock duo from Leuven, what made you decide to start this band?”

Mosquito: “It all started when Kevin and I met in high school. We noticed we were on the same page when it came to music. And we both treasured the dream/ambition of becoming a “rock star”. You know when you’re young everything seems possible. We first got together to write some guitar riffs and vocal lines and a couple of weeks later I bought a drum kit, and we started rehearsing.

Over the years we had a lot of our friends join and leave the band, but we ended up with just the two of us. It was Kevin and I who wrote all the songs anyway, and we knew from the start we wanted to do more than ‘jam every weekend and play a local bar once in a while’, as opposed to most of the other guys.”

OOS: “Being a duo, isn’t it hard to continuously expand your musical boundaries? Doesn’t it limit your possibilities?”

Mosquito: “Well, it definitely defines our sound and our style. For example, having no bass player, there isn’t a lot of room for solo’s or harmonics. The guitar sound has to be thick and full, if you know what I mean. You might consider that a limitation, but frankly it has become so natural to us over the years we hardly think about it anymore. We’re not able to do a lot of live improvisational jams or things like that. But there are enough bands who do that already. We just want to do what fits us best. We’ve learned to recognize what would work live and what would sound too “flat” without a bass. And we’re used to it, you know. That’s Mosquito. That defines who we are and what we sound like.”

OOS: “Your sound is mostly inspired by rock, stoner and noise. Who or what are your major influences and why?”

Mosquito: “That’s a difficult question. Because there are a whole load of bands and sounds that have influenced us over the years. When we started out I was a huge Queens of the Stone Age fan, and Kevin was really into Metallica. And we can’t deny the influence these bands have had on our sound. But over the years, of course we’ve listened to a whole range of different kinds of bands and genres. It’s difficult to list just a couple of bands, and I think Kevin’s list would differ quite a bit from mine. But at the moment I’m listening to Flying Horseman a lot, and some New Classical as well, like Nils Frahm and A Winged Victory for the Sullen music.”

OOS: “Mosquito released a few strong EP’s. At this moment you are working on a debut full-length called ‘We Are Society’ to be released in February 2013. Your latest promo EP sounds very promising. What can you tell us already about the album and what is the meaning behind the title?”

Mosquito: “That’s a good question. And quite a difficult one to explain. Let me point out firstly that the correct way to write it is ‘We ARe SOCIETY’. That way, you can read it as ‘we are society’ or as ‘war society’. So there’s this kind of tension between two possible interpretations. On the one hand it’s a kind of ironic reference to certain indie bands that feel (or act) like they represent a whole generation of youngsters. As if they were the new Beatles or something. While actually, society in general, and especially “our generation”, is more divided than ever before. There are not great common causes, there’s more and more differentiation and diversion. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, but we certainly don’t feel like everyone our age feels connected or inspired by some great ideal, hence the deliberately loaded alternative interpretation of the album title, ‘war society’.”

OOS: “You already gained a lot of national attention and airplay but any special plans going abroad?”

Mosquito: “At the moment we’re booking some shows for the spring of 2013 in Belgium and the Netherlands. We feel like we first need to focus on the release of our album and hopefully we’ll get a few offers to come and play in Germany or France for example. We’ve got some friends over there, but never set up a real tour up until now. It’s something we definitely want to do in the near future, but we haven’t got any concrete plans yet.”

OOS: “Some final shout-outs?”

Mosquito: Buy our album! You won’t regret it, it’s absolutely brilliant! No seriously, we hope to see you at one of our shows, and if you want to stay updated subscribe to our newsletter on or follow us on Thanks for having us. And remember: all the trees in the forest are purple, so the lawn mower will run out of hamburgers soon enough!”

pic by Emma Maris

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