INTERVIEW: Crossfire (AT)

OOS: “Hi David, please introduce your band Crossfire?”

David: “Hi! We are Crossfire, a streetcore band from Vienna/Austria. We’ve been around since 2001 and the line-up is Max on bass and vocals, Mark on guitar, Salz on guitar and me on drums.”

OOS: “Besides ‘Only Attitude Counts I’m not familiar with other Austrian hardcore and punk bands. How’s the Austrian (Vienna) scene like?”

David: “We have a lot of good hardcore and punk bands here in Austria like Pork Knuckles, Spider Crew (featuring members of OAC), DeeCracks, First Class (band of our guitar player Mark), Maltschicks Molodoi, The Glasses, Anstalt (featuring members of Voice of a Generation), Unavoidable…just to name a few. The scene in general is not so bad. We’ve got a lot of great hardcore, punk, reggae and ska shows here in Vienna. The only thing that sucks is that local bands get far too little support from promoters and the crowd. Especially if there’s a concert with local bands only almost nobody will show up. There has to play at least one international act to get people on shows…in my opinion that’s pretty fucked up.”

OOS: “Since 2001 you already released 2 MCD, a full length and several compilation contributions. In July 2012 you released your latest EP ‘Man Without Faces’. What’s the idea behind the title?”

David: “Well, we named the EP after a track on it. “Men Without Faces” is about people who run and control this corrupt system. If you take a look around, it feels like the world gets fucked real hard by a few faceless corporate people, bankers and politicians…same old story but unfortunately still true! The song is about those fuckers and their ambition to get more power, more profit and more money every single day, disregarding humanity or environment…The song is also about not giving a fuck about this sick system and trying to make someone’s own way outside of this society.”

OOS: “The cover art of the EP is dark but it shows a strong image of an industrial site, a bleeding globe and a vulture. Who came up with that idea and what does it mean?”

David: “Our singer Max came up with the basic concept and we worked on it with our friends from “Screen Addicts” (check them out:, who also did the whole artwork. The cover artwork visualizes the statement of the song “Men Without Faces” in a sense. The vulture represents those faceless men, who ram their greedy claws into this planet like hungry vultures into a decomposed cadaver. The bleeding globe shows in an overstated way how the world is suffering from the voracity for profit and power. The industrial background shows just one aspect of many, how our world gets fucked…On the backside of the EP you can see how all this shit is going down!”

OOS: “Crossfire’s music is overall mid tempo and raw. Its a mixture of streetpunk and hardcore influenced by divers hardcore and punk bands and Motörhead (according to your biography). How important is Motörhead to the band and how big is their influence?

David: “Motörhead is one of Max’s and mine absolute all time favorites. I like especially their early stuff, but Max is a real fanatic, over all eras. Max writes most of our stuff, so there are some songs with a real hard Motörhead edge like “Your Shine Don’t Light” for example. But there are also many songs where other influences prevail. I think Motörhead is an important influence but there are countless other bands that we love like Vanilla Muffins, Bonecrusher, Chelsea, Warzone, Sick of it All, Eddie & the Hot Rods, 77’s Skrewdriver (not their racist shit!), Anti-Heroes, Clichés, Rykers, Cro Mags, Business, Cock Sparrer, Templars, The Jam, Rancid etc…Some of these and other bands also influence our sound in a sense I guess.”

OOS: “Your biography also mention that you are a non-political band. Are politics corrupting the punk rock scene in Vienna?”

David: “Not really…at least not at the locations where we are around. In Vienna you’ll barley meet any right wing fools at shows, because they obviously got their own fucked up places to go and celebrate their incestuous “master race” I guess. Fortunately we are also widely spared from paranoid left wing extremists, which see a threat in everything that is not 1000% PC. Although we are a “non-political” band, we are certainly not part of this brain fucked “grey zone”, which is obviously blind on their right eye…Like I said in another interview before: We are neither politically correct nor grey zone!”

OOS: “Any special plans for the future?”

David: “We plan to release a split E.P with an Indonesian Oi! band called “Streetsoldiers” sometime next spring. Hopefully we manage to hit the studio again in 2013 to record a new album! Check us out on facebook: .

Thank you for the interview! Cheers, David&Crossfire”


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