REVIEW: Keepsafe – Worth Living EP


Keepsafe – Worth Living EP

EP 2012 DIY

Keepsafe is a hardcore band based in London who recently released their debut EP ‘Worth Living’. The ‘Worth Living’ EP contains 7 songs of emotional and desperate hardcore: a combination of emo-driven metalcore, melodical modern hardcore and dark, melodramatic post-hardcore with mostly strained screamo vocals.

They bring the type of hardcore that must be really good to keep me interested because its not my favourite style of hardcore and it easily bores me after a while. With ‘Worth Living’ by Keepsafe I have some mixed feelings: it all sounds nice and interesting enough but on the other hand it doesn’t really stick out and therefore it doesn’t really convince me 100% yet. 7/10

Track list:

1. Cowardice
2. Still Counting
3. Ends at the Nape
4. Southall
5. Recovery
6. Sore Eyes
7. Tic Tac Teeth


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