REVIEW: V/A Respect Your Roots Worldwide


V/A Respect Your Roots Worldwide

CD 2012 Strength Records

The ‘Respect Your Roots Worldwide’ compilation brought to us by Strength Records and compiled by Roger Miret and Onno Cromag brings back memories to the days I looked forward to the release of the ‘The Worldwide Tribute To The Real Oi’ Part I & II compilations, the ‘Respect Your Roots’ compilation and ‘The Dutch Hardcore Tribute To The Real Oi’ compilation.

The beauty about this compilation is that it goes further than all the compilations mentioned above. It has a diversity of hardcore, punk, oi, metal and rock bands going back to their roots and covering the songs of their youth not restricted to a genre or a style. This results in a.o. The Dropkick Murphys covering Bruce Springsteen, Biohazard covering Misfits, Freddy Madball covering The Clash or Hudson Falcons covering The Jam.

This compilation is a must have for everyone with a heart for hardcore, punk and rock. Its also a great soundtrack when your are on your way to a concert. 8,5/10.

Track List:

1. Agnostic Front- Blitzkrieg Bop (The Ramones)
2. Coldside – Tied Down (Negative Approach)
3. Street Dogs – GOP (Menace)
4. Terror – Last Warning (Agnostic Front)
5. Dropkick Murphys – Badlands (Bruce Springsteen)
6. Pro-pain – Party In Paris (U.K. Subs)
7. Misconduct – Don’t Drag Me Down (Social Distortion)
8. Wisdom In Chains – I Believe In Miracles (The Ramones)
9. Beowulf – Diplomatic Immunity (G.B.H.)
10. Russ Rankin – I Am On Fire (Chelsea)
11. Peter Pan Speedrock – New Rose (The Damned)
12. Ringworm – The Nightmare Continues (Discharge)
13. Flatfood 56 – Spirit Of The Streets (The Business)
14. the Crimson Ghosts – Sick Of You (Gwar)
15. No Turning Back – Ready To Fight (Negative Approach)
16. Rancid – Someone’s Gonna Die (Blitz)
17. Hard Resistance – Reaganomics (D.R.I.)
18. Napalm Death – Lifeline (Sacrilege)
19. Razorblade – 45 Revolutions (Blitz)
20. The Bones – Punch You In The Face (The Child Molesters)
21. The Other – Forbidden Beat (Bad Religion)
22. All Bar and the Insurgence – Broken Bones (The Freeze)
23. Generators – Outlaw (Chron Gen)
24. The Old Firm Casuals – Pride (Madball)
25. The Unseen – Violence In Our Minds (The Last Resort)
26. Biohazard – Where Eagles Dare (Misfits)
27. Bonecrusher – Where The Hell Is Babylon (Cockney Rejects)
28. Freddy Madball – London Calling (The Clash)
29. Deafness By Noise – Livin’ In The City (Fear)
30. Hudson Falcons – A Town Called Malice (The Jam)
31. Death By Stereo – Soulcraft (Bad Brains)
32. Red Alert – Groovy times (The Clash)
33. Maddogs – Fight To Live (Blitz)


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