REVIEW: Goodtime Boys – What’s Left To Let Go


Goodtime Boys – What’s Left To Let Go

CD 2012 Bridge Nine Records

Goodtime Boys are a UK based post-hardcore band formed in 2009 who previously released the ‘Are We Now, Or Have We Ever Been’ EP on Tangled Talk Records and Holy Roar Records. Recently they released their new album ‘What’s Left To Let Go’ on Bridge Nine Records which is actually five brand new tracks plus a remixed and remastered version of their 2011 EP, Are We Now, Or Have We Ever Been.

‘What’s Left To Let Go’ is an intense, mid-tempo album like we are used from other post-hardcore bands. If you are into desperate vocals spreading anger, fear and frustration then Goodtime Boys is your band. If not, then you can skip this one. Personally they don’t convince me for the full 100% yet although their post-hardcore isn’t a dull drag like a lot of other post-hardcore bands due to some nice breaks and harmonies. Its certainly  more then average but I’ve got the feeling that there are better post-hardcore ducks in the pond. 7/10

Track list:

1. Bloom

2. Callous

3. Breathe

4. Reunion

5. Rest

6. Wake

7. Daylight

8. Harrow,

9. Bliss

10. Sleep.


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