REVIEW: V/A Oi Ain’t Dead

rr066V/A Oi Ain’t Dead

CD/LP 2012 Rebellion Records

The ‘Oi Ain’t Dead’ release is a four-way split record with 4 Bands from 4 different countries: The Old Firm Causals (USA), Razorblade (NL), The Corps (AUS) and Booze & Glory (UK). The four bands certainly stand their ground in the Streetpunk/Oi scene of today.

The Old Firm Casuals fronted by Lars Frederiksen from Rancid are the newest kids on the block but again they present 3 songs that will grow out to be streetpunk classics. They are followed by Holland’s finest Razorblade presenting 3 raw and aggressive songs. One of them, Demolition Man, is an ode to the Dutch heavy weight MMA fighting champ Alistair Overeem and it includes match samples. Their third track ‘Fighting the system’ can also be found on their ‘Days Of Glory’ release. Up next are 4 heavy raging streetrock stompers by The Corps but my personal favourites on this compilation are the contributions by Booze & Glory, a band I only new by name. They added 4 tunes in the good old sing-along 80’s British Oi tradition that will certainly appeal to Evil Conduct fans.

This four-way split record certainly is a must have for the fans. 8/10

Track list:

The Old Firm Casuals:

  1. You better start Runnin’
  2. I Remain
  3. Love Street Kid


  1. Back Once More
  2. Demolition Man
  3. Fighting the System

The Corps:

  1. Talk is over
  2. Know the Code
  3. Making Enemies
  4. Burning the Candle

Booze ‘n’ Glory:

  1. Friends
  2. England will never Change
  3. Working hard, Dressing smart
  4. It was our World


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