REVIEW: Break Of Day – Illusions Burn


Break Of Day – Illusions Burn

CD 2011 Funtime Records

Recently this Belgium melodic hardcore punk band, with Teun van Aerschot (Generation 84 and Red Cloud) on vocals, announced the release of their new album ‘Counterclockwise’ that is scheduled for April 2013. So far ‘Break of Day already released a debut EP ‘Where Ends Meet Life Begins’, a first full length ‘The Hangman’s Fracture’ and the follower ‘Illusions Burn’.

‘Illusions Burn’ illustrates nicely what I like a lot in hardcore and punk rock: raging, aggressive but melodic songs with socio-political lyrics. Although its very enjoyable to sing-along with easy to chew hardcore or punk rock, its even much nicer to listen to songs like on ‘Illusions Burn’ with more complex structures, well placed breaks and all this fronted by an impressive vocalist.

Break Of Day is a band every hardcore punk fan should listen to and ‘Illusions Burn’ must be a part of your record collection. Quality hardcore punk from Belgium. 8.5/10

Track list:

1. The Road To Guantanamo
2. Statue Of Bigotry
3. Hoax Country
4. Hands Of Time
5. The Tide Will Swallow Us
6. Farabundo
7. Daytime TV Is Your New Vietnam
8. This Scene Is Fucked
9. Dry Lungs
10. America’s Next Ignorant Top Model
11. To Exist Is To Resist


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