REVIEW: Deafness By Noize – Noize Deaf Forever/Roots Baby Roots

sr003Deafness By Noize – Noize Deaf Forever/Roots Baby Roots
CD 2012 Strength Records

Croatian Hardcore band ‘Deafness By Noise’ celebrate their 20th anniversary with the new album ‘Noize Deaf Forever’ and as a bonus to this album you will get 12 brand new recorded cover tracks captured under the name ‘Roots Baby Roots’.

The album has a NYHC vibe going on and therefore can be easily picked by anyone who likes the NY hardcore style. The heaviness and catchyness of Madball sometimes comes to mind when I listen to this record and when you add some Oi/punk and trash influences to that then you have a pretty good idea what this record is all about. 8/10

Track List:

Noize Deaf Forever
1. The Enemy
2. Killer Valentine
3. Back In The Days
4. Alright
5. Work Eat Sleep Repeat
6. Closure
7. Fear
8. It’s Not A Movie
9. Straight Line
10. Once Again

Roots Baby Roots (Bonus covers)
11. I’m the Hunted
12. World Peace
13. Destroyer
14. Raw Power
15. I Love Livin In The City
16. Stranglehold
17. The Prisoner
18. Born To Suffer
19. Sailin’ On
20. Here’s Your Warning
21. Broken Toy / This Is The End
22. I Remember


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