INTERVIEW: Black Coffee (USA)


OOS: “Black Coffee is a relative new hardcore punk band from Houston, Texas (USA), please introduce the band and what’s Black Coffee all about?”

Ryan: Black Coffee is myself on vocals, Halston on guitar, Parrot on bass, and Ford on drums. Halston and I started this band after a couple bands I was in broke up. I still wanted to play shows and write lyrics, and had always wanted to be in a band that was short and fast. I called Halston, he wrote some songs, and we ended up having our first practice at the boathouse, which we recorded for our first 7″.”

OOS: “You guys play straight forward pissed off and raw hardcore-punk in the vein of Negative Approach, SSD and …. How big are the influences of those bands and who or what also influences Black Coffee the most both musically and lyrically?”

Ryan: Both Negative Approach and SSD are huge influences of ours, especially Negative Approach, lyrically and musically. Lyrically, I’m heavily influenced by honest men in literature and music. People that modeled vulnerability and true introspection for the rest of us, no matter how uncomfortable it may have been for them. Bukowski’s poem ‘Bluebird’ is a big one, as well as some of his other works, Allen Ginsberg, Jim Carroll, Walt Whitman are a few others. As far as both lyrically and musically, I’d say bands like Necros, Void, Urban Waste, Black Flag, and Minor Threat are just a few other influences that come to mind.”

OOS: “You already released a first 7” through Death Exclamations and a tape version through Give Up sub-label Sisster Ssound. The new ‘birthdeathbirth’ EP is released by Treaty Oak Collective and a tape version is released by Cult Culture. Why did you choose to put out your music also on tape and how did the collaboration with Cult Culture came to its existence?”

Ryan: These days most people are downloading so I feel that whatever physical medium we use to release our music is just sort of a fun souvenir for the listener. I had corresponded with the guys in Hang the Bastard when I was in the Burden, so when Give Up told me one of the guys had a label going, I e-mailed Chris about my new band and possibly doing a release and the rest is history. As far as the relationship with Treaty Oak goes, Brandon is a long time friend of the band, and us doing a release with them just seemed like it made sense.”

OOS: “On the new ‘birthdeathbirth’ EP you recorded ‘Psycho Skin’ by the American Oi band’ Iron Cross’. Why this song and why an ‘Iron Cross’ cover?”
Ryan: “I grew up on Oi, and identified a lot with the lifestyle when I was younger. I’m pretty sure these guys don’t play this song anymore and I completely understand why, but every time I hear that opening bass line I get goosebumps. It’s one of my favorite American Oi songs, and it’s controversial, and I’m attracted to that. We don’t adhere to the ideas portrayed in the lyrics and do not agree with the lyrics to this song, but it’s fun to play.”

OOS: “How is the hardcore punk scene in Houston, any bands we should check out?”
Ryan: “I’m not as connected to any local music scene like I used to be, but some bands and artists definitely worth checking out from here right now are: Forced Fem, Bomraw, Peloton, Fat Tony, Band of Mercy, Roots of Exile, No Resistance, Will to Live, Black Tuesday, Black Congress, Peasant, Fight Pretty, Secret Prostitutes, The Ex-Girlfriends, The Vipers, Odessa, Turbokrieg, Back to Back, Corrupt Bastards, Warmaster, the Energy, PLF, Z Ro.”

OOS: “Some final shout outs?”
Ryan- Thanks to Brandon at Treaty Oak and Chris at Cult Culture for putting out this release. We have a split 7″ in the work with Forced Fem, a 20 song full length coming up, and all of us have other musical projects going on besides Parrot because he’s busy with his motorcycle gang. Myself, Ford, and Denniz from Forced Fem have a powerviolence project we’re working on called ‘Exits’, EP out sometime this year. Check out these sites- , , , , thanks and check out Z Ro’s Angel Dust, it’s fire.”


Black Coffee – Birthdeathbirth

EP 7” 2013 Treaty Oak Collective / EP CS 2013 Cult Culture

Black Coffee is a relative new hardcore punk band from Houston, Texas (USA). The band was formed by Ryan Taylor in January 2011 after Titan Blood and The Burden both broke up. Their members have served time in multiple Texas hardcore bands: Your Mistake, Ten Crowns, Fight Pretty and The Burden.

Birthdeathbirth is an 8 track EP full of straightforward short and fast pissed off hardcore punk full of anger and aggression soaked in an 80’s vibe. Whether its old school hardcore or youth crew orjust furious punk, Black Coffee‘s Birthdeathbirthth just got it all packed in about 7 minutes.

For the fans of Negative Approach and SSD. 7,5/10

Track List:

1. Day Walker

2. Pain Worship

3. Weddings and Funerals

4. Horse Thief

5. Exits

6. Shadows

7. Too Many People

8. Psycho Skin (Iron Cross Cover)


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