‘I love the nineties’, just like most of my friends that grew up during this era. But, don’t worry I’m not talking about ‘2 brothers on the 4th floor”, ‘Snap’ and all that other nineties euro-dance mumbo jumbo. I’m talking about the good rocking bands I came in contact with during this era, bands like No Fun At All, Millencolin, Satanic Surfers, Bad Religion, Green Day, … The Belgian punk rock band F.O.D. is in a way a tribute to this era, a trip to memory lane for the older punk rockers among us.

OOS: “First of all is there a meaning behind the name F.O.D.”

Peter: F.O.D. started as a one-time nostalgic project: the re-enactment of Green Day’s ‘Dookie. In the search for a suitable name for the band, we just took the title of a song on this album. We are still behind this name and its meaning (check it out) :-). (red.: F.O.D. = Fuck Off and Die) Encouraged by the enthusiastic response the band just started to live his own life and we started to make songs of our own.”

OOS: “F.O.D. Started out in 2008 and as I’m not mistaken you guys are older then the average punk rock kids around. Wasn’t it hard to start a band due to being older, having a professional life, family responsibilities, …?”

Peter: This is indeed not always something that goes in our favor but a man is as old as he feels. Actually we are just a bunch of kids who have the time of their life.”

 OOS: “Although being around for only 4-5 years you guys sound a lot like the nineties punk rock bands I grew up with. Its nice to see and hear a band that is inspired mostly by this era. Do you consider F.O.D in a way an ode to the nineties punk rock?”

Peter: “We just grew up with Nineties punk rock and it still inspires us every day. We just really like this music, its good and good music requires to be played. We can not help it.”


OOS: “Your first EP ‘Dance To This!’ was released in 2011 on ‘Thanks But No Thanks Records’. how did this collaboration came to its existence?”

Peter: “Our drummer was also the front man of ’15 Minute Powernap’ (red.: RIP). They had just signed to ‘Thanks But No Thanks Records’ and introduced us to label manager Stijn.“

OOS: “The artwork from ‘Dance To This!’ was done by Deny from Daykneeart and Dowzer. How did you came in contact with him?”

Peter: “We knew Deny through the internet and Facebook. We liked his style and contacted him to ask if he was interested in making the artwork for ‘Dance To This!’. He immediately agreed. Cool guy!”


OOS: “You are about to release a first full length on ‘Ontario’ also on ‘Thanks But No Thanks Records’. Why did you choose to call the album Ontario?”

Peter: “The song ‘Ontario’ came first. The song is about ‘being in a band’ and ‘probably never be able to go on tour to places like Ontario’. We chose ‘Ontario’ because it just sounds nice and it fits nicely in the song. Afterwards we chose to call the album also Ontario and we found out how beautiful this area is and we tried to reflect that into the artwork.”

OOS: “There will be a song on it called ‘Frenzal Records’ which is a tribute to ‘Frenzal Rhomb’, why this band?”

Peter: “This is already disclosed in the text of the song ‘Frenzal Records’. When we heard the ‘Smoko at the Pet Food Factory’ record for the first time, we were blown away. I think our singer listens to the album almost weekly because, to him, its one of the best punk rock albums of the last ten years.”

OOS: “You also released a video for the song ‘Carry On’ that will also appear on the new album? In my opinion ‘Carry On’ has a big Green Day vibe going on. Is Green Day a big inspiration for F.O.D.?”

Peter: “With Green Day we discoverd punk rock and they will always influence us. They are part of our childhood. The fact that they were the main reason to start F.O.D. also has something to do with it :-)“

OOS: “Besides the nineties punk rock bands, what or who inspire F.O.D. the most?”

Peter: “Descendents, Bad Religion, The Beatles … many bands where harmony and polyphony is important. Hans (our vocalist) has a very broad musical knowledge and he has a lot of songs in his head. Every now and then a song comes out and then we play it. We never write with the idea of ‘and now we are going to make a NOFX record’.”

OOS: “Some final shout outs?”

Peter: “Support the scene, no matter what!”


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