10 Years Out Of Step Fanzine


I’m doing this for almost 10 years now and along the way I met some nice people and lots of cool bands. I would like to thank every one of you for the support over the years and let’s keep the hardcore, punk and rock scene alive and kicking.

Earlier I launched a competition to win some zines on my facebook page.

“Out Of Step Fanzine bestaat dit jaar 10 jaar misschien een goede reden om wat zines uit te delen en wie weet wat er nog allemaal zal volgen …
3 personen maken alvast kans om een package te winnen van de laatste 3 zines. Wat moet je doen:
1. Like de Out Of Step Fanzine pagina
2. Share deze post
3. Post hieronder ‘Done’
Einde wedstrijd op 28 februari.”

So for the non-dutch speaking people that want to take part of the competition, go over to my facebook page

1. Like the Out Of Step Fanzine page
2. Share the post with this picture

3. Post ‘Done’ beneath it

and maybe you win one of the 3 packages with the last 3 printed zines. They are written in Dutch.

To all who want to take part of the competition it ends on 28 February 2013



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