VODZ – The Road

EP 2013

VODZ is a new alternative rock band from Belgium. Last year they left their garage to spread their music to a wider public. Earlier this year they released a 3 song demo and recently they released a 7 song EP called The Road‘, both as a limited edition and under their own management.

They bring no-nonsense rock’n’roll with a face of its own. Its a rough mixture of garage rock, country, rockabilly with a dash of surf and post punk elements soaked in an alternative 80’s rock vibe. In other words, ‘The Road’ is a divers and very enjoyable EP full of rock’n’roll that goes against the grain.

Vodz is, in my humble opinion, another well hidden pearl from the Belgium underground waiting to get picked up by the masses who released a more than decent EP with 7 classy songs.8,5/10

Track list:

1. The Road

2. Get the Hell Out

3. You Wrong Me

4. Big League

5. Thirty Years

6. Icon

7. Marcel


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