NEWS: Strength Records

SLIDER_UPCOMING2013.1Strength Records is working on some kick-ass new releases:

1. COLDSIDE – WE’VE HAD ENOUGH CD (release date 6th of april) check their new video here:
2. HARD RESISTANCE – EUPHEMISM MCD (release date 6th of april) New video clip coming early march 2013
3. MISCONDUCT – BLOOD ON OUR HANDS CD (release date 13th of March) check their new video teaser here:
4. AGNOSTIC FRONT – LAST WARNING LP (summer 2013) A limited vinyl re-issue of the AF cult album!

They have also added official licensed band T shirts to the webshop from bands that they like and support!. Check out the strength webshop for cool shirts of Last Resort, The Business, Lars Frederiksen And The Bastards and more + Strength Records shirts. Soon there will be a seperate website for the entire strength clothing line.

SLIDERMCMISCONDUCT have teamed up with Strenght Records and the new MISCONDUCT album “Blood On Our Hands” will be released on Strength Records this spring! Misconduct is planning a tour for the summer of 2013 to promote the new album! a short teaser for the upcoming album can be checked here:



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