REVIEW: I Stared Into the Forest – Unframed Pictures of Our Epilogue


I Stared Into the Forest – Unframed Pictures of Our Epilogue

Digital 2012 Fading Halo Records

I Stared Into the Forest‘ is a hardcore band from Brasov, Romania that is built on DIY ethics. TheirUnframed Pictures of Our EpilogueEP can be downloaded for free from The Fading Halo Records website ( and it will be available on vinyl in spring 2013 through both Fading Halo Records and Ulterior Tapes.

The sound on ‘Unframed Pictures of Our Epilogueis a mix of different hardcore styles like screamo, mathcore, … and even some grind and metal. The result are four trashy, raw and chaotic songs with desperate screams and some more spoken vocal parts. This kind of music with the odd structures and the strange hooks is probably something you already heard before, maybe even done better by others, but if you are into this kind of music check the band out and give them your support.

Track list:

1. No Longer Here

2. Failing Lungs

3. Their Crooked Teeth

4. To Hang By A Thread


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