REVIEW: AYS – Suburban Haze

AYS - Suburban Haze - ArtworkAYS – Suburban Haze

MCD 2013 Let It Burn Records

Digital 2013 Acuity.Music

German hardcore/punk band AYS was founded 2002 in Wegberg, a small town in West Germany. After two LP’s (‘Wreck My Soul’ – 2008 & ‘Eroded By The Breeze’ – 2010) and several EP’s they are about to release their new EP ‘Suburban Haze’ on Let it Burn Records.

The MCD consists of five new energetic and powerful hardcore songs bursting with aggression. It are all well balanced songs build up by killer riffs, pounding drums and well placed breaks. This is in your face hardcore that will set the moshpit on fire, for sure. The album also comes with some amazing looking artwork. 8,5/10

Track list:

1. Suburban Haze

2. Ambitions

3. Bad Charm

4. Orphans

5. Blind Faith


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