REVIEW: Swingin’ Utters – Poorly Formed


Swingin’ Utters – Poorly Formed

CD/LP/digital download 2013 People Like You Records/Fat Wreck Chords

The Swingin’ utters are around for over 20 years and can be considered as one of the icons off punk rock. ‘Poorly Formed’ is the band’s second album in two years since their comeback in 2011 after an 8 year (recording)hiatus since 2003.

The Swingin’ Utters grew from a more classic punk band with country elements towards a more melodic punk rock band with a roots rock-oriented sound. Just like all of us, the band has become older and that’s exactly what you hear on this album: a more mature sounding band.

Its like a lot of older punk rock bands: the older they get the lesser punk they get. Although the Swingin’ Utters were always a lot more then just a punk rock band. They always had some roots elements in their sound but it seems that on this one the folk, country, bluegrass, … elements have taking the upper hand. Not that that’scompletely a bad thing, it surely makes ‘Poorly Formed’ a nice, catchy and charming album but the album sometimes misses some extra good old fashioned punk rock fury. 7/10

Track list:

1. Librarians Are Hiding Something

2. Brains

3. Stuck In A Circle

4. Pour Beans

5. I’m A Little Bit Country

6. In A Video

7. Poorly Formed

8. Greener Grass

9. Temporary Contemporary

10. Take A Walk With The Postman

11. Military Barbara Billingsley

12. Dreadlock Dread Reggae

13. The Fake Rat Of Dave Navarro

14. Sevita Sing


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