REVIEW: 18 Miles – Darker Times


18 Miles – Darker Times

CD 2013 Perspective Records

18 MILES is one of the newest additions to the hardcore scene, they are a young (2010) hardcore/metalcore band from the Netherlands who already released a first EP ‘Lessons’ in 2011. Recently their full-length debut ‘Darker Times’ saw the light of day.

Some of you might say that ‘Darker Times’ offers nothing new but I find it a perfect combination of hardcore and metalcore: a varied album with nicely balanced aggressive songs (including meaningful lyrics) full of heavy riffs, pounding drums, melody, tempo changes and well placed breaks. Opener ‘No Guts’ ensures the right atmosphere immediately from the start and it just keeps on going full force till the end without getting bored or fade into a monotonous mess.

‘Darker Times’ is a strong album from a very promising new hardcore band. It definitely is a winner. 8/10

Track list:

1. No Guts
2. Hollow
3. Die Strong
4. Pirates
5. Broken
6. Pushing Forward
7. Moving On
8. For Better For Worse
9. Counterwise
10. Boundaries
11. Darker Times


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