REVIEW: Moose Blood – Moving Home

248991_555194124494224_1447845154_nMoose Blood – Moving Home

7” EP 2013 Fist in the Air Records / Day By Day Records

Canterbury based emo band ‘Moose Blood’ has released their 7” EP through Fist in the Air and Day By Day Records in February 2013. Moose Blood seems to be one of those new upcoming UK emo/indie bands we have to watch out for…

A lot of emo related bands will never make it to my record collection but this EP has some nicely structured songs that sound catchy. Although the dual whining vocals sometimes annoy me, ‘Moving Home’ offers a decent blend of indie, emo and pop punk.

So, if you are into popy emo/indie tunes, don’t hesitate to check out Moose Blood, if not then I’m sure you won’t like it. Me? I will never be a big fan of this kind of music so I’m somewhere in between, I guess.

Track list:

1. My Own Boat

2. Evening Coffee

3. Moving Home

4. Carbis Bay

5. Drive

6. Bukowski


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