384900_373855656031319_1665718724_nROS – s/t

LP 2012 Steeltown Records

ROS, formerly known as Rejects Of Society, is an Italian street core band that started in 2001. They already released 3 albums under the name ‘Rejects Of Society’ and last year they released their latest full-length LP at Steeltown Records.

ROS plays straightforward hardcore with street punk elements. The sound on this album is very old school inspired and mostly influenced by New York Hardcore. So perfect material for Agnostic Front, … fans who like in-your-face, groovy hardcore to shout-a-long. 7,5/10

Track list:

1. Wish & Hope
2. Reclaim Your Town
3. No Discussion
4. A Matter Of Life And Death
5. Full Speed Ahead
6. Just For A Little Peace
7. Out Of Here
8. Fantasize
9. Summertime
10. Elbow
11. Making Friends
12. Still Our Way


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