REVIEW: A Million Miles – What’s Left Behind

coverA Million Miles – What’s Left Behind

CD 2013 Abandon Records / New Music Distribution

The in 2008 formed German metal band ‘A Million Miles’ will release their first full length ‘What’s Left Behind’ on April 5th 2013 through Abandon Records/New Music Distribution.

A Million Miles is a female fronted heavy metal band that will appeal to the ones that love brutal but also melodic feminine vocals, think Arch Enemy and Bliksem (B) and not some Gothic metal band. What I like the most about this album is that it has a good rock vibe and that heavy powerful straightforward rock parts alternate nicely with more intimate and instrumental parts. ‘What’s Left Behind’ is a catchy, well balanced and not to complicated album with good riffs, nice vocals and more than decent songs.

Their catchy mix of classical heavy metal, hard rock and some stoner is very enjoyable and highly recommended for every heavy metal fan. 8/10

Track list:

  1. Death And Beyond

  2. Broken

  3. When Skies Fall Down

  4. Separation

  5. Letter For You

  6. Hold

  7. A Million Miles

  8. What’s Left Behind

  9. Dusk

  10. Walk All Night

  11. The End


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